bdp represents two of the most recognized tabletop directors & cinematographers, Todd Klein and David Deahl.

Both are experts at the craft of shooting food, beverages and products using the latest techniques to create visual statements that have depth and exquisite textural expression.

They have provided their filmmaking and visual effects expertise to many national and international clients, including; Kellogg's, Subway, Burger King, McDonald's, Haagen Daz, Asahi, Budweiser, Heineken, Coca Cola and others.

We bring our collaborative creative approach coupled with innovative ideas to every project we take on, to ensure a pleasant and productive experience for the agency and client. We pair this approach with sumptuous visuals to create a visceral reaction from the viewer.

With studios in Chicago and Los Angeles, we work with the best and most experienced crews for a seamless, enjoyable production experience.

BDp has pioneered a technique called ELI (Environmental LED Immersion) which substitutes large LED panels displaying pre shot video for backgrounds. Besides eliminating post green-screen clean up and cost, with ELI the client gets to see the whole picture in real time. You can read more about ELI here.

We are the perfect production partner for creative collaboration, technical and artistic problem solving.